DJ Rules for {9160} The Phoenix

Staff of {9160} The Phoenix, are NOT employees.
Management can NOT dictate what you do in your free time,
that includes being staff for {9160} The Phoenix.

We're all here to have fun so there are really only a few rules that shouldn't even have to be stated if your respectful.

1. You will show up to your shift 15 mins before your supposed to be online and get a hold of the current DJ so you two can get everything up to date and ready for you to take over.

2. You will show respect to all other DJs and especially to the listeners of {9160} The Phoenix .

3. You will not talk trash about any other radio station or their staff.

4. If you are not able to fill the time spot that you are scheduled for you will contact the DJs to let them know you can't make it. If you can pm another DJ and make arrangements to have them fill in your spot, or to trade with you that would be the best way to handle it. If you do this please still contact the DJs to let them know. If all else fails, or you cannot get online, call Management, you all have our phone number.

5. If you are scheduled to DJ and you are a "no show / no call" too often, you will no longer DJ for {9160} The Phoenix .

6. DJs at {9160} The Phoenix WILL play requests! If a listener complains about the music that a DJ is playing. the DJ is NOT to retaliate. Post the link to your playlist and remind them to request. The listeners of this station are the ones who decide what is to be played. The DJ is here to play the music for the listener and to provide entertainment to the listener, NOT TO ARGUE WITH THEM. It is NOT up to the DJ on air to choose whether he/she plays the song requested.

7. All DJ's will keep their personal drama out of the chat room and out of the station all together. If you can't keep your personal drama separate from the station then don't bother to DJ for {9160} The Phoenix.

8. If you are scheduled to DJ for {9160} The Phoenix you may Guest DJ for another station upon approval from Management. You're either a loyal {9160} The Phoenix DJ or your just another DJ out there playing the field. We don't need people that can't be loyal to {9160} The Phoenix.

9. Management may release you from DJing at {9160} The Phoenix at ANY time, without warning or reason, as any staff here may terminate thier own relationship with {9160} The Phoenix.

These are easy rules to live by, if you can't follow them please let Management know and we will gladly remove you from {9160} The Phoenix staff.

These are easy rules to live by, if you can't follow them please let Management know
and we will gladly remove you from {9160} The Phoenix staff.

** All personal information provided on DJ application is only viewable by Admin and Station Manager and will NEVER be given out or shared with DJ's or listeners of {9160} The Phoenix Radio.**

A few things before you get started.
We do not hire DJ's whom work for multiple radio stations.
We're currently not hiring DJ's that use Macs, However feel free to send an application in anyway.
It will be saved and you'll be contacted once we start taking these Apps in.
You must be able to fill in at least three shifts a week.
By sending in an application, you've agreed that you've read the DJ Rules and completely understand them.
If you have any questions before filling out your application, fill free to contact the owners or the station manager with any questions or concerns you may have before filling your application out.